Q. How long does the energy last and do I have to wear it all the time?

A. Scalar Energy is an infinite energy and increases in time. The longer you wear it the more reserve charge or energy you accumulate, but also remember it depends also on your environment. If you are in an area over exposed to EMF and EMR then your reserve energy, without the Scalar Energy product, will be reduced.

Q. Will I feel or see a difference immediately once I start wearing the product?

A. The reaction to Scalar Energy may be different in each person. Those who have severe health conditions and have had their condition for a long time, may feel the changes immediately. The longer they have been suffering with their health problems, any change in their system is noticeable. On the other hand, some may not feel anything going on. Their body will be using the energy in a different source, such as homeostasis or balancing their bio-field. Some instances the changes are subtle and are not realized immediately, but seen later. Although they may not see the change, it does not mean there are no changes. Scalar Energy is a subtle energy and just like the effects of gravity, in which we may not see or feel it, it is definitely at work. Scalar is at work and infinite at all moments and there is always something occurring within your existence, even when you aren’t feeling or seeing it!

Q. Is it important where I place the products on my body?
A. I have seen with patients that want the best results with specific problems to place the product on or near the site of the issue in most cases. Another important area to place the pendant is below the clavicles in the center of the chest, right above the Thymus gland. The Thymus gland is essential for immunological function of the entire system. In some instances patients take a bath with the pendant in soaking in the tub to scalar the water and energize the bath.  I have also seen great results with patients rubbing the area of involvement such as the sinus area, the spinal area or legs and knees. Healing is a matter of improving the circulation in order for the body to replace damaged or weak cells with healthier ones. Scalar Energy aids in that process of repair. In severe health cases it is beneficial to use two FE scalar energy products.
Q. How young or old can you be to benefit from FE Scalar Energy?

A. In my experience with FE Quantum Science Products, the youngest was a fetus and the young mother, who was experiencing headaches, nausea and fatigue as well as the inability to get pregnant. After wearing the Scalar Energy Quantum Pendant, she first got pregnant immediately and after conceiving she never experienced nausea or morning sickness and during her entire regnancy she was energized and worked until giving birth!  The oldest that I have seen wearing the Quantum Pendant, has been 97 years young! As mentioned earlier in the book, the Quantum Pendant was a contributing factor in enhancing the natural ability of the body to repair and rejuvenate itself. In Chiropractic, we call that inborn wisdom or healing ability, Innate Intelligence or God within. This is a subset of Universal Intelligence and the Power that made the Body, is what heals the body.


Q. Who else can benefit from the FE Scalar Energy Pendant?
A. Scalar Energy affects every living being that is exposed to it. I own 3 dogs, Irish Jack Russell Breed, and I witnessed all of them calm down when wearing the extra links from the Scalar Bracelet. Each link can energize up to 15lbs of body weight of the animal. My dogs weigh from 15-30 lbs each, so they each wear either 1-2 links from the bracelet on their collar. I also interchange a pendant for each one, depending on if they are suffering from allergies, joint ailments or overall hyperactivity! They are Irish Jack Russell’s, so they at times can get excited, especially when the office is busy and patients have brought extra snacks for them!
Q. If I have a sensitive reaction to the product, does it mean that it is not good for me?
A. No definitely not. Sometimes the body has been a certain way for a long time and when something new is introduced, it may react in a certain way. It is neither good nor bad for a reaction. We are so brainwashed to think if a symptom appears, that it is necessarily bad. Quite the contrary, when there is a reaction it means something has changed. It might mean also that limited exposure in the beginning might be wiser, than too much in the very beginning of wearing your product. Little increments of exposure during the day will allow your body to adapt to the energy change and reset itself. Change is good not bad and any bodily reactions are indications of cellular stimulation and body transformation.


Q. If I wear more than one pendant or use the flask, will I see a faster change?
A. In most cases, the more energy the more efficient healing. Whenever you add more energy to anyone or anything, there will be change. There may be subtle changes; but the body will always respond, just as gravity holds us to the earth, Scalar Energy is always at work.
Q. Can I purchase this product online, because I see that I can get it really cheap from places like China and Korea?

A. Yes. You can purchase online at a reputable and designated Authorized Quantum Science Licensee  of FE™ Scalar Energy products. I do not advise buying the products anywhere else, due to the fact there are so many counterfeits that are being sold at cheap prices that you are just paying for a rock or ceramic mold. People who purchase the imitations are being tricked into thinking this is the original product. These fakes can be detrimental to your health, because you may think you are protected from EMF and EMR, but you won’t. The counterfeits were discovered to have highly radioactive aterial, especially when they originate in China. So buyers beware! If you value your health or your loved one, wouldn’t it be wise to buy the most effective and not necessarily the least expensive?


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