As a Scalar Energy Wellness Expert, I am often asked, “Can EMF products can be purchased online from any retailer”? “Why are the prices so cheap some places and not others?” These are questions I get a lot.

Yes, you can purchase EMF protection and Scalar Energy products online. Be sure when looking for products however that you only purchase them at a reputable and designated Authorized Quantum Science Licensee  of FE™ Scalar Energy products. I do not advise buying the products anywhere else, due to the fact there are so many counterfeits that are being sold at cheap prices that you are just paying for a rock or ceramic mold. People who purchase the imitations are being tricked into thinking this is the original product.

These fakes can be detrimental to your health, because you may think you are protected from EMF and EMR, but you won’t. The counterfeits were also discovered to have highly radioactive material, especially when they originate in China.

Buyers beware! If you value your health or your loved one, wouldn’t it be wise to buy the most effective and not necessarily the least expensive?



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