We are the Leaders in eradicating electro pollution in the world of high technology with our Quantum Science Products that emit the atmosphere’s natural “Scalar Energy”.

Our Japanese Quantum Science Products are the result of exhaustive and comprehensive R & D done in collaboration with world-class experts. By utilizing the principles of energy medicine, scalar energy, bio- technology and nano-technology, Quantum Science Life, a U.S. based Licensee, brings to the people high-end quality products that offer optimum health and wellness.

About Priscilla Akana-Robinson

Priscilla Akana-Robinson brings awareness about the harmful effects from Electromagnetism also known as EMF or EMR to one’s body from everyday exposure to Cellphones and WiFi Technology.

As a Scalar Energy Wellness Expert, she offers solutions for healing and the protection of the body’s bio-field utilizing Scalar Energy Products so that one may continue to enjoy usage of their personal devices.

Over 20 years of business experience as an Entrepreneur of a successful Pure Water Manufacturing Company and educating about Pure Water for Wellness in the Micronesian Islands, she now teaches nationwide about what has become the “Asbestos of the 21st Century” – Electro Pollution.

Priscilla was first introduced to Scalar Energy Healing after her surgery in 2006, of a Pituitary Tumor extraction. Experiencing hormonal imbalance which caused severe loss of energy and full body inflammation, she has since recovered from the Pituitary Dysfunction by applying Scalar Energy Healing & Natural Medicine.. Her passion is to help others obtain optimal health and wellness with the use of Scalar Energy Technology.

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