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We offer a wide range of natural grounding devices in jewelry & home products  made from organic materials. In addition, our micronutrients were formulated by the World's First Radiation Biologist PHD that was awarded 7 U.S. Patents on his Radiation Defense Protection. Every product is made with integrity to help you protect your body and heal your cells of exposure from Electromagnetic Fields.

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What is Scalar Energy?


Scalar energy consists of invisible particles that radiate outwards in a balanced network. It creates a unique energy field that is a fundamental force of nature.


Scalar Devices promotes your body's natural flow of energy and helps maintain internal balance. It also defends your body from intrusive EMF rays.


The power of our Scalar Products are vast. Using the real and authentic Scalar Products helps you unlock your bodies natural healing powers. Scalar Energy can reduce inflammation, enhance circulation, increase energy, strengthen your bio-field, among other body boosting effects.


Our Scalar devices are infused with 76 natural volcanic minerals  at a molecular level using nano- technology and heat infusion. This combination of organic materials are then embedded into porcelain or stainless steel materials that can hold the energy charge.

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Our entire team is dedicated to scalar sciences. We unlocked the power of quantum products when we needed them the most. Our goal is to share that healing power with the world.

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CEO/Scalar Energy Wellness Expert

Priscilla found Scalar Energy at the right time. She encountered a life threatening experience after a Brain Tumor extraction surgery. When her body was giving up during recovery, Scalar Energy was the natural remedy that helped her recover from energy loss and lack of blood circulation. Since then, she has dedicated her life to teaching others about Scalar Energy Healing.

What our customers have to say:


“The Quantum Science Life line of products have  truly initiated profound transformations —- I honestly can’t speak highly enough with regard to how these products have benefited me since I began using them.”.


“I had a history of severe depression and was taking a lot of medication that had side effects. A friend introduced the Scalar Energy Lava Pendant to me. Amazingly, I was able to overcome my depression and no longer needed medication.

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